Research Topics

A common research theme is to develop efficient and effective modeling and simulation techniques for studying computer systems and computer networks, in particular, high-performance computing (HPC) systems and large-scale computer networks. General research topics include:

  • Designing effective models for simulating large-scale systems
  • Developing parallel simulation for modeling large-scale systems
  • Applying data analyses for understanding complex behaviors

Specific research areas are listed as follows:

A.  HPC Modeling and Simulation:

  1. Scalable HPC simulation models, including system architectures and scientific applications
  2. Job scheduling and resource provisioning algorithms
  3. HPC power models and energy-efficient methods
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B.  Network Modeling, Simulation, Emulation, and Testbeds:

  1. Parallel network simulators for internet, wireless networks, and mobile ad-hoc networks
  2. High-performance traffic models for at-scale network studies
  3. Real-time simulation for interactive and hybrid network experimentation
  4. Performance modeling of data center networks, software-defined networks, future internet.
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C.  Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation:

  1. Parallel simulation tools for large complex systems
  2. Parallel simulation synchronization algorithms
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D.  Other Areas:

  1. Data analytics
  2. Machine learning applications
  3. Operating systems: file systems, I/O, caching, and virtualization
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Other topics
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Funded Projects

Current Projects:

  1. Center for Advancing Education and Studies on Critical Infrastructures Resilience (CAESCIR), US Department of Homeland Security, with other faculty from FIU SCIS, 2017-2022.
  2. NVM-Enabled Host-Side Caches, National Science Foundation, with Raju Rangaswami, Ming Zhao (ASU), and Giri Narasimhan, 2016-2019.

Some Past Projects:

  1. SwitchOn – Exploring and Strengthening US-Brazil Collaborations in Future Internet Research, National Science Foundation, with Julio Ibarra and Heidi Morgan, 2015-2018.
  2. Security Analyses and Applications of Complex Networks: From Theory to Practice, Florida Center for Cybersecurity at University of South Florida, with Mainak Chatterjee (UCF), 2016-2017.
  3. Creating and Composing SDN Security Modules, Florida Center for Cybersecurity at University of South Florida, with Kaiqi Xiong (USF), Xin Sun (Ball State University), and Wei Zeng. 2016-2017.
  4. Scalable Discrete Event Simulation for Performance Prediction, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2015-2017.
  5. Vulnerability and Survivability of Cyberspace: Basic Science to Applications, Florida Center for Cybersecurity at University of South Florida, with Ming Zhao (ASU) and Mainak Chatterjee (UCF), 2015-2016.
  6. Enabling Time-sensitive Applications on Virtualized Computing Systems, Department of Defense, with Ming Zhao (ASU), 2013-2017.
  7. PrimoGENI Constellation for Distributed At-Scale Hybrid Network Experimentation, National Science Foundation, Raytheon/GENI Project Office, 2013-2015.
  8. SoftPM: Streamlining High-End Computing with Software Persistent Memory, National Science Foundation, with Raju Rangaswami and Ming Zhao (ASU), 2010-2013.
  9. PrimoGENI–Developing GENI Aggregates for Real-time Large-scale Network Simulation, National Science Foundation and Raytheon/GENI Project Office, with Julio Ibarra and Heidi Alvarez, 2009-2013.
  10. Immersive Large-Scale Network Simulations, National Science Foundation, 2006-2012.