WSC’17 Paper: HPC Simulation History

A Brief History of HPC Simulation and Future Challenges, Kishwar Ahmed, Jason Liu, Abdel-Hameed Badawy, and Stephan Eidenbenz. In Proceedings of the 2017 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2017), W. K. V. Chan, A. D’Ambrogio, G. Zacharewicz, N. Mustafee, G. Wainer, and E. Page, eds., December 2017. [paper]


High-performance Computing (HPC) systems have gone through many changes during the past two decades in their architectural design to satisfy the increasingly large-scale scientific computing demand. Accurate, fast, and scalable performance models and simulation tools are essential for evaluating alternative architecture design decisions for the massive-scale computing systems. This paper recounts some of the influential work in modeling and simulation for HPC systems and applications, identifies some of the major challenges, and outlines future research directions which we believe are critical to the HPC modeling and simulation community.


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