Invited Talk: High-Performance Modeling and Simulation of Computer Networks

High-Performance Modeling and Simulation of Computer Networks

April 26, 2017

Laboratory of Information, Networking and Communication Sciences (LINCS), Paris, France
Host: Professor Dario Rossi

Abstract: Modeling and simulation (M&S) plays an important role in the design analysis and performance evaluation of complex systems. Many of these systems, such as computer networks, involve a large number of interrelated components and processes. Complex behaviors emerge as these components and processes inter-operate across multiple scales at various granularities. M&S must be able to provide sufficiently accurate results while coping with the scale and complexity.
My talk will focus on two novel techniques in high-performance network modeling and simulation. The first is a GPU-assisted hybrid network traffic modeling method. The hybrid approach offloads the computationally intensive bulk traffic calculations to the background onto GPU, while leaving detailed simulation of network transactions in the foreground on CPU. Our experiments show that the CPU-GPU hybrid approach can achieve significant performance improvement over the CPU-only approach.
The second technique is a distributed network emulation method based on simulation symbiosis. Mininet is a container-based emulation environment that can study networks consisted of virtual hosts and OpenFlow-enabled virtual switches on Linux. It is well-known, however, that experiments using Mininet may lose fidelity for large-scale networks and heavy traffic load. The proposed symbiotic approach uses an abstract network model to coordinate distributed Mininet instances with superimposed traffic to represent large-scale network scenarios.