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Phone: 305-348-7983

Office: CASE 212C

Assistant Professor

Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences

Wenqian Dong is an assistant professor of KFSCIS department of Florida International University. She studied her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Merced. Her research focuses on high performance computing system (HPC). She is particularly interested in using machine learning techniques to improve performance of scientific applications. During her Ph.D., she has published a set of papers in various top HPC conferences, including two published in the prestigious Supercomputing Conference (SC), the flagship conference in the HPC field. She also received the UCM Bobcat Fellowship in 2018 and 2020. Wenqian was a research intern in the HP labs and is a research intern in the Pacific Northwest National Lab. Her work on power grid simulation was highlighted at the DOE science news and PNNL media.

If you are interested in applying for my Ph.D. program (open for graduates/senior undergrads) or research intern position (open for undergrads), please send your CV and transcript to my email.


Her research emphasizes on High-performance computing with a focus on

  • (i) Scientific machine learning: accelerating HPC applications using machine learning-based approximation,
  • (ii) Automatic Machine Learning: automatically machine learning model construction for HPC domain scientists, and
  • (iii) Automatic Performance Tuning: performance optimization and quality control on scientific machine learning.


Teach CEN 5082 in Fall

I am going to teach CEN 5082-Grid Enablement of Scientific Applications at FIU in the Fall semester.

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